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TS from Chicago, IL

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011 and my condition had progressed to the point that I was falling multiple times per week. I have seen several PT's  however Roger distinguished himself from the others because he had a different perspective of how my condition was impacting me. He helped me learn that besides the physical limitations there were other stresses in my life that was contributing to my disease. His holistic approach provided me with ways to regain some control back. I am not going to let this disease stop me and I know I am going to have a fight on my hands but I am really glad to have Roger in my corner. I have not fallen since I started working with Roger.

LW from  Chicago, IL

"My mother was sent to see Roger for balance issues.  He was able to recognize that there were several things that contributed to her falls, in particular undiagnosed vertigo. I really appreciated how he was able to help her get back to things she enjoyed doing, she was able to dance at her 70th birthday and without his help I don't believe she would have enjoyed herself. Family members were shocked to see her able to move so confidently & she was beaming. Thank you so much."

LI from  Chicago, IL

"I was suffering from headaches and pain on one side of my body for months after being told I had suffered a small stroke. I was told there is not much I could do except for taking pain pills to control the pain and I  was unable to focus and perform my job effectively.  Roger was able to help reduce the frequency and the severity of the pain so I could get back to my job. I don't know what I would have done if I had loss my job"

KS from Hobart, IN

"My 16 year old daughter had developed Bell's palsy and we tried seeing some other therapist in the area but her condition was not improving. I was then referred by a friend to see Roger. My daughter who was feeling very self conscious about how she looked and Roger made her feel at ease from the very moment we met him. He quickly developed a rapport with her and treated her like a 16 year old instead of someone who was feeling very vulnerable and suffering from this condition. I didn't mind coming up to Chicago because he was able to help her not only improve her ability to smile but he was so considerate and genuinely invested in my daughters welfare."

KS from Chicago, IL

"I love Roger and highly recommend him! I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis and had gone thru rehab at one of the premier rehab hospitals but I still  had to rely on my wheelchair the majority of the time because my legs were so weak .I told Roger I wanted to be able to walk further, on day one he told me, " Let's focus on the quality then the quantity will follow."  After working with Roger for several months I was able to walk with my canes and only have to rely on my wheel chair for longer distances. He was so patient with me even though I was so frustrated. He had me focus on the quality of my walk and insisted that the quantity would follow.  I was a dancer in my previous life and when we were near finishing my treatments he actually danced with me. I can't thank him enough. He is kind, funny, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. It's rare to meet someone with so much genuine compassion for all others."